new table, not seen

My script creates a new table, but i can’t see it in the database with SSMS. even after a refresh.  I could try to drop it and see if the drop statement complains it doesn’t exist, but since the idea is to QA the output table, this is silly.

I probably could disconnect and reconnect to the database, but this takes time and what i want to do is at LEAST confirm the script ran.  How about

SELECT * FROM [Datebase].[sys].[tables] where name like 'QT_MK%';

I could check the create_date and modify_date in addition to the name, and yes, i also could use New Query to open the table even if i couldn’t browse it, but just knowing the table is there is enough for the moment.  And i also put some print statements in the script to indicate if a block is executed (and when)

 PRINT ' finished  Section A at  ' + (CONVERT( VARCHAR(24), GETDATE(), 121));